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Vintage Bling Thing Rhinestone Bracelets...

Find your own unique style with my Vintage Bling Thing, rhinestone bracelets!  Our handcrafted rhinestone bracelets are one of a kind designs.  The vintage components celebrate the retro glamour of Old Hollywood, while the modern makeover satisfies the hipster in you!  Each rhinestone bracelet is substantial in weight, while conforming to any wrist comfortably, without losing their shape.  The main star on each rhinestone bracelet is the sparkling rhinestone piece from yesteryear.  The high glam dangle,  our modern day spin on a guard chain, makes each piece truly buzzworthy!   Choose from our rhinestone bracelet styles below!  

 NEW!!!!   Glam leather cuff rhinestone bracelets with vintage components!  Choose from a variety of soft, supple leather cuff designs.  The cuff snaps comfortably onto any wrist, making these rhinestone bracelets true hip one of a kind designs!   Send me your wrist size for a custom fit when ordering!

All Rhinestone Bracelets $64.99 (unless otherwise noted)




Gorgeous soft 4" rhinestone bracelet cuff with brilliant vintage 50's pin/button design! 24mm snap back, comfortable and glam!








Amazing 3" diameter brushed gold 50's pin with pearl/carnival glass bling center rhinestone bracelet!  50's crystals and 14mm crystal dangle.  VERY Monroe! 








VERY old (40's) 1 1/2" metal button with light blue paste  bracelet .  Mostly vintage beads from 50's necklaces.  50's earring dangle.







1 1/4" candy apple 50's button with 50's rhinestone button center rhinestone bracelet.  Clear glass beads.  50's bracelet piece dangle with paste button.  










3 3/4" supple gray leather cuff , 50's pin with 50's crystal earring mounted...24mm snap back.  Show stopper!












1 3/4 round abalone shell button (40's) with 50's crystal earring center.  Clear and milky white beads.  50's crystal earring dangle!  Statement piece!




1 1/4" tortoise 50's button w/50's iridescent button center rhinestone bracelet.  Some 50's tortoise beads, 50's earring dangle!  Total glam! 








3" soft white leather cuff, 2 1/2" gorgeous 50's pin adornment rhinestone bracelet....all pronged in stones!  AMAAAAZING! 24mm snap back






1 1/4" oval concave 50's black button with earring center from 40's rhinestone bracelet!  Black/iridescent beads, old necklace piece dangle with 50's button.  Truly one of  a kind!






1 1/2" celluloid 50's button with iridescent button center from 50's rhinestone bracelet.  Topaz/purples/beads, 2" dangle with pearl/rhinestone button.  Funky and fun!








3 3/4" natural tan with gold sheen soft leather cuff...50's pin with crystal earring center...statement piece!  24mm snap back.  Comfortable!!!







SCENE STEALER!  2 1/2" rhinestone pin mounted on 1 3/4"black 40's button rhinestone bracelet!  Beads wrap 5 times around wrist, with old bracelet piece dangle.




1 3/4" 40's dark brown button with 50's earring center rhinestone bracelet!  Browns/topaz/copper beads, very old earring dangle 2".  Old world charm and brilliance.






2 1/2 " black leather cuff rhinestone bracelet...50's rhinestone pin with 60's button center!  Versatile and fun to wear!  Glam up any outfit!




1 1/2" black/brown button with domed50's rhinestone button center rhinestone bracelet.  Blacks/browns/copper beads with 2" rhinestone bracelet piece dangle. MUST HAVE basic with bling!



1 3/4" celluloid from 40's button with 50's aurora borealis button center rhinestone bracelet.  Champagne/topaz beads with eclectic dangle of beads and button! SCREAMS glam girl!






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