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Welcome to my Rhinestone Jewelry Site and Vintage Bling Thing Designs by Galart .(Pronounced just like my name; Gayle art.) Each rhinestone gem is hand picked  personally.  My rhinestone jewelry is all handcrafted and designed  with no shortage on personality!  The rhinestone jewelry collection celebrates the retro glamour  of Old Hollywood, while the modern makeover satisfies the hipster in you!   You will  just LOVE them!!! 

Rhinestone Jewelry Site by Galart Designs

  rhinestone Bling Thing bracelets and rings!!!

"IN" With the OLD!! 

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Every woman, however fancy her accessory collection or taste, is hungry for her own unique style, so long as it's well designed, and well made.  At Galart, our handcrafted rhinestone jewelry creations are your form of self expression!  The glamour of Old Hollywood has always fired up women!  We're inspired by the era, and our passion shows in our collection! 

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Leather cuffs embellished with vintage jewels as seen in Gulfshore Life

 The magazine of Southwest Florida- Feb. 2014.



Rhinestone Jewelry Bracelets

Costume Vintage Leather Cuffs

Costume Vintage Beaded


Introducing our newest collection of leather cuff bracelets with vintage rhinestone gems.  This new design and collection of rhinestone bracelets combines a contemporary look with a vintage retro inspirationMade of soft supple leather in many colors, they are show stoppers with their components from vintage jewelry and chains.  They are a favorite of my specialty boutique retailers!!    Get yours today right here online.  When ordering, email me your wrist size for a custom fit!

Galarts' handcrafted costume vintage rhinestone jewelry beaded bracelets are daring, not dainty!  Each bracelet's main focus is on an extraordinary vintage button, broach, buckle, earring, necklace piece or combination of these, all from yesteryear.  Czech glass, Bakelite, wood, celluloid or Lucite buttons are often accessorized with various vintage components, "accessorizing the accessory" , for a BOLD,  go glam statement! 

These chic, classic rhinestone gems from yesteryear are surrounded by new and antique crystals and beads, firing up the glamour of Old Hollywood, giving the bracelets their grand flair.  All handmade rhinestone vintage jewelry pieces are set on a three loop , coil wire wrap band,  where old and new beads bring an admiration of both the humble and grand!  Dazzling colors to match any fashion statement!

Comfortable...durable...substantial....uniquely one of a kind...in a range of colors and textures creating a perfect harmony, creating an "A list" look !  Wake up and brighten your style with each and every rhinestone vintage jewelry piece from our dazzling rhinestone jewelry collection!     

Rhinestone Jewelry Vintage Rings

Handcrafted  Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Rings all celebrate the "IN" with the "Old".  Their hip, one size fits all, wire loop band , encompassed by glass beads in a variety of colors, brings you "IN".  

The bead and wire combo enable the wearer to roll on the piece, with a perfect, comfortable fit for any finger!  The "Old"  is the star, with an antique button as the glam celebrity, some dating back to the 1800's!  

These unique handmade designs give you an eclectic addition to your ring collection, proving that fashion CAN be fun!  Our rings are perfect for any hip fashionista!  Choose your button style with your favorite rhinestone vintage jewelry design... is it a 50's bling?  60's lucite button? Art deco design?  40's Czech glass.



gayle@rhinestonejewelrysite.com   630-779-0762

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