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My passion for old rhinestone jewelry began when I was 6, scouring the neighborhood, knocking on doors with a best friend, asking, “Do you have any old jewelry I could have?” Welcome to the beginnings of Galart, Rhinestone Jewelry Site and vintage! BLING THING DESIGNS! 


The story grew as I year after year asked to be a gypsy for Halloween, simply because I loved wearing the rhinestone jewelry!  (OK, the red lipstick was a plus too!)  I knew I had a life long passion for rhinestone bracelets and jewelry when my 18 year old former 8 year old students, said they remembered my rhinestone bracelets that I always wore, and the sound they made!  OK, it is a fatal passion that lives on in Rhinestone Jewelry Site Designs!   My rhinestone jewelry collection are handcrafted, classic pieces, one of a kind designs!   The designs are unique, with no shortage on personality!  The vintage components celebrate the retro glamour of Old Hollywood, while the modern makeover satisfies the hipster in you! 


Enjoy wearing them as I have enjoyed making them!  Let the passion continue to burn!

Gayle Napoli


Rhinestone Jewelry designs by Galart are uniquely one of a kind, giving you a go glam statement!  I had been bitten by the vintage rhinestone gems and the rhinestone button jewelry bug, when I ran across my first unique rhinestone button at an antique shop.  Then came the old Hollywood feel to the earrings, necklaces, and bracelets I later encountered! 

My creative side took over, and the combination of them all led me to my vintage button jewelry line.  The appeal of vintage button jewelry makes sense, as we all can relate to rhinestone gems and buttons in some form or fashion.  The skill and craftsmanship that went into our vintage rhinestone jewelry, is interesting, and intriguing.  You wonder, “Where did this button rhinestone gem come from?  Who wore it on what?” Each piece of rhinestone jewelry has its own story, a mystery behind each design.   

My vintage button jewelry jewelry is fun to wear, comfortable, durable, and glamorous!   The rhinestone bracelets combine chic, classic gems from yesteryear, with vintage buttons.  Some of the vintage button rhinestone jewelry components date back as far as the 1800’s!  Each vintage button rhinestone jewelry bracelet boasts not only a vintage button, but such gems as vintage crystal earrings, necklace pieces, cufflinks, shoe buckles, bracelet links, as well as chandelier pieces, and sweater and cape guards. 

Vintage beads from the 40’s on up give each vintage button jewelry design their grand flair!  The rings in our vintage button jewelry line are a one size fits all fit.  Glass seed beads on a wire coil, with the main focus that of a vintage button, are fun to wear for all ages!   There are all kinds of designs out there for us to adorn ourselves with, however the appeal of  vintage button rhinestone jewelry comes from the uniqueness and scarcity factor in each piece. 

I hope that you find these gems from long ago as interesting as I do, and hope that wearing each and every vintage button jewelry piece makes you feel joyful! 

Gayle Napoli , Designer/Owner  email   630-779-0762










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