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  Every glam girl we all know owns some form of rhinestone jewelry!  It’s what gives us our sparkle, our shimmer, or edge!  Rhinestone jewelry in all of its forms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, is a must have in any fashion conscious girls closet!  Rhinestone jewelry is often times, even more valued than the real thing!  Good rhinestones, especially vintage rhinestones, are found in much bigger sizes than most of us could ever afford, and are many times, difficult to distinguish from the real thing!  Bling is our thing, and rhinestone jewelry is a girl’s best friend!  I feel sure that if Marilyn were here today, she would enhance her lyrics to include rhinestones!   Dress up a pair of jeans, pack a little zing with that bling while tooling around an ordinary day….go ahead!  Throw on a piece of rhinestone jewelry!  Rhinestone jewelry is your most powerful accessory!  It’s  must have jewelry, at can have prices!

You might wonder how rhinestone jewelry came to be.  After World War I, the American woman had a stronger presence in all areas, especially the motion picture industry.  Suddenly we wanted to emulate those on screen glamour girls!  Changes in fashion became present at an alarming rate…including jewelry lines.  “New” and “Novelty” were the buzz words of the day, with the latest becoming the best.  In jewelry, there were different materials being used.   Of course diamonds were still being used to adorn the women, but the NEW and different materials included rhinestone jewelry.  Rhinestone jewelry was given its stamp of approval by the infamous Coco Chanel.  The edgy, avant garde considered it the new “it” jewelry.  Rhinestone jewelry was not looked down upon by the top designers of the day, but embraced.  These “fake” diamonds were being used to adorn garments and accessories.  The designers “signed” their rhinestone jewelry with a stamp of their pieces.  Weiss, Coro, and Eisenberg are a few good examples of rhinestone jewelry markings that make it valuable today. 

The look of rhinestone jewelry is amazingly brilliant, especially rhinestones from yesteryear.  The collection at Rhinestone jewelry site.com is exemplary of the Old Hollywood eras.  Each rhinestone jewelry piece contains one or more vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces from yesteryear. Vintage rhinestone earrings, necklace pieces, buttons, bracelets, shoe clips, buckles and more adorn each rhinestone bracelet.   Unique, one of a kind designs, hand crafted into artful adventures.  Rhinestone jewelry gives you the scene stealing factor you crave as an American woman!  Rhinestone jewelry is a sure fire way to look like a million, without it!  Rhinestone jewelry site.com gives you your must have rhinestone jewelry collection, at can have prices!