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We have been smitten by rhinestone bracelets  since we were little girls. We are dazzled by their brilliance, transformed by them, suddenly made to think of ourselves as Old Hollywood celebrities from yesteryear, or today’s hip rising stars. Rhinestone bracelets! All because of rhinestone bracelets!!! What kind of magic do these rhinestone bracelets hold for us? Rhinestone bracelets can take us from an old school marm, housefrau feeling, to that of glam girl, fashionista, all from a simple slip on the wrist! Rhinestone bracelets, in all their brilliance, are one of life’s simple pleasures for most women who long to feel good about themselves, instantly! When we see rhinestone bracelet works of art, we all regress to that little girl, who watched their moms get ready for an evening out, or the little girl who watched the Miss America pageant with wide eyes on a Saturday night manned with our California hhhonion dip mix and chips, and popcorn! In all her rhinestone glory, there she stood, equipped with her rhinestone crown, and rhinestone bracelet, earrings and necklace. When we take the bold step of slipping on a rhinestone bracelet, life’s childlike innocence returns coupled with a transformation into the glamorous life. Yes, we are walking the red carpet in our mind’s eye! Rhinestone bracelets hold the power!

Rhinestone bracelets trump rhinestone earrings and necklaces in the “statement” department! The earrings seldom are seen in a big way in that our hair hides, while few of us are bold enough to wear a big necklace that weights down our necks…but rhinestone bracelets, now there’s an easy fix to instant glam. Slip on a rhinestone bracelet, and let your arm do the work! It is easily seen, comfortable, and can be waved around into onlooker’s faces so easily, making visibility primo! Capture the feeling, take in the compliments, feel good about yourself even though you’re having a bad hair day! Rhinestone bracelets are magical!
Keeping up with today’s fashion trends of bold color, rhinestone bracelets can come in all colors…no longer needing to be simply clear. Rhinestone bracelets bedazzle us in all colors and sizes. Stop the nonsense when it comes to size. For me, size DOES matter with rhinestone bracelets! Bigger IS better when it comes to rhinestone bracelets! Bring on the biggest honey! I’m not shy nor modest when sporting my big rhinestone bracelet, even with a simple pair of jeans! Stop the weenie madness, and buck up! Why be mediocre when you can be brilliant! Rhinestone bracelets fire you up, inspire you, and bring out your passion for life! Girly girls get it, we’ve always gotten it, and we must have them!!! Rhinestone bracelets are first on the jewelry” must-have” list!! Don’t go a minute more without your rhinestone bracelet! Check out the unique line at vintagebuttondesigns.com!